RAKU Ceramic Keepsake Urn Item #K007


Raku is a centuries old Japanese tradition of making pottery. This urn was hand thrown on a potter’s wheel by award winning artist Ronald Franklin, an award winning raku artist. The red and copper earthy-toned lid has lovely flashing patterns, a recording of the kiln atmosphere. The red and green body is reminiscent of autumn leaves. Both the red and the green are from the same glaze- the artist’s own formulation. A very tactile piece, it is a pleasure and comfort to hold. This is the actual urn you will receive. Once it has been sold, there will be no more exactly like it. This original one-of-a-kind urn is signed by the artist.

The top opening lid may be sealed with glue (included).

Dimensions: 4” High x 3.5” Diameter, 18 Cubic Inches

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