Pet FAQs

PET URNS are known by many names - pet urns, pet cremation urns, dog urns, dog cremation urns, cat urns, cat cremation urns and pet 
memorials. Yet, they all serve the same purpose. They all help us to memorialize the lives of the furry, feathered, finned friends, who have so enriched our lives. Whether your pet was a conventional animal like a dog, cat or bird, or something less conventional, like a snake, frog or lizard, we have an urn to suit your needs.

Q: What type of Pet Urn do I need?
A: The answer to this question depends on what you intend to do with your pet’s ashes. Here are some popular choices: 
  • Keep all of the ashes in a single urn.
    Our pet urns are large enough to contain all of the ashes of your pet. The size of the urn you select will depend upon the healthy weight of your pet. (More info below.)

  • Share some of the ashes with family or friends.
    Many people purchase a full-size pet urn, but want to share some of the ashes with family and friends. For this they use several pet keepsake urns. Pet keepsake urns are smaller than full-size urns and are designed to hold a portion of the ashes.

  • Scatter some or all of the ashes in a favorite place.
    Your cherished pet's favorite place could be the perfect spot to scatter some or all of the ashes. Our urns are designed for convenient, dignified transport and scattering of pet ashes. Afterward, the urn can serve as a beautiful reminder of your pet as well as a tasteful addition to any décor.

Q: What size Pet Urn do I need?
A: This depends upon what you intend to do with your beloved pet's ashes. The cremated remains (called “cremains”) have the consistency of coarse beach sand/gravel. The urn size must measure one cubic inch for every pound of your pet’s healthy weight. So, a 25-pound dog would require a 25-cubic-inch pet urn. If you are going to scatter the ashes, but would like to keep some for a memento, you may use one or more keepsake urns, which can be any size you like.

Q: I need my pet urn soon - Can you ship right away?
A: The pet urns displayed in our gallery are available for immediate shipping. Depending upon the time and day we receive the order, we can ship for next day delivery, 2nd day air, or 3rd day select.

Personalized and custom pet urns require one or two weeks, or more, of dedicated time to create, All of our urns are crafted one at a time, by hand. This labor-intensive process is not conducive to rapid production or quick shipping. 

Q: How do I get the pet ashes into the pet urn?
A: Pet ashes usually come in a plastic bag, within a box from the crematory. You can easily transfer the ashes from the plastic bag into the urn(s). It is rarely necessary to remove the ashes from the plastic bag when using a full size urn.

Q: Where can pet urns be shipped? 
A: We ship pet urns to anywhere the United States or Internationally