About Us

Have you lost a loved one? Are you planning for your own funeral? Perhaps you still have that box of ashes tucked away in a closet... because you just could not find anything suitable? Tired of looking at uninspired, soul-less mass produced urns? Do you love fine art? Would a unique, finely crafted urn honor your loved one? Would you like to gift a work of art to a friend you've left behind? 

It is difficult to come to terms with the sense of loss we feel when a loved one is taken from us. And few things are as personal as how we choose to honor and remember them. Because their lives and our memories of them are so special, a unique memorial of exceptional quality is only appropriate.

A loved one's urn should be as individual as they are. Above all, it should be a work of art! A thing of beauty looks wonderful in any fine home and reflects your aesthetic sensibilities and personal taste. Even if you elect to scatter, the urn is a wonderful memento and a reminder of the relationship and the love.

Created in our lakeside studio, Atelier Du Lac, our urns are inspired by nature. We personally design and hand craft each of our museum quality urns with distinction and sophistication in mind. Our intention is to provide you with elegant, original Fine Art Urns that are as unique and beautiful as the loved one you have lost.

Our museum quality Fine Art Urns will serve as the perfect tribute to the memory of yourself, your special family member, friend or pet. It allows you to create a permanent memorial which captures your loved one's unique character and/or reflects your personal taste...and helps bring you comfort during this difficult time.

Elizabeth Bull and Ronald R. Franklin

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