For years, there have been raging debates about art. What defines it? What is art? What is NOT art? Is art important?  Is art relevant? Is it significant?  Even Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary devotes nearly a quarter of a page in its attempt to define art. ART!!!

Why do we respond so strongly to art?

I have found that few people are indifferent to art. It seems to be part of the human condition that things created and crafted by human hands stir a response and a reaction in other human beings. The newspapers are littered with reports of public reaction to art expositions, installations and shows. Artists fall in and then out of favor with the public, sometimes years after their deaths, sometimes in the reverse order.  An example:  I recently went to the exhibit of Van Gogh  paintings at the National Gallery in Ottawa, Canada. I had to get the tickets in advance and wait in line to get a glimpse of the works, for there were throngs of people. I wondered what Van Gogh would have thought- to see his work so popular now when he suffered so much when he was alive (1853-1890).          ( This was immortalized in the popular Don McLean song "Starry, Starry Night"/  "Vincent")    Even so, listening to people's commentary was instructive. 'Love it!" , "Too gloomy." , "Colors are too dark.", "Oh, I would love to be in that place.", "How sad." , "Gorgeous!".  Emotional reactions registered on viewer's faces and in their eyes. 

 No one is immune to the effect of art.  No one is untouched by art. No one. 

 Why art? 

 Art makes us feel.

When words fail, art communicates. Art is a shared experience.                                         Art that moves you is timeless.

Why a Fine Art Urn?

It comforts us. It reminds us. It connects us. It resonates with us.  It touches us. It HEALS us.

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